Message info

Connect provides message read receipts for accountability and reliability in healthcare messaging. To view the message read receipt, click the down carrot on your message to open the message options menu and select "Info".

You'll see a list of everyone the message was Sent to and Read by. Since the members of the room change over time, this list shows only who the message was sent to at the time that it was sent. So, if a user joins the room later, they won't appear retroactively in the message read receipts for past messages.

Sent to: This indicates who the message was delivered to. Everyone in the room at the time the message the message was sent will start out in this list.

Read by: Once someone reads the message, they are removed from the Sent list and appear in the Read list. Reading a message means that a user opened the conversation and saw the message.

On the bottom right of every message you'll see either a "Sent" or a "x/y read". "Sent" indicates that the message was delivered but no one has read it yet. As soon as the first person reads the message, this text will change to show you how many individuals out of everyone who received the message have read it. So, if the group has 10 members not including yourself, and 2 have seen it, it will read "2/10 read."