Manage is a patient-centric collaboration app for healthcare providers. You can upload files, share clinical notes and create tasks with your team. Better coordination leads to improved patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Manage makes care coordination much easier and faster. Bring your entire team into one place to share updates and information on patients, and easily access patient information whenever you need it. You can use Manage alongside your existing EMR as a faster, easier way to collaborate on patient issues. Or, you can use Manage as a lightweight EMR.

Manage offer three tiers: Basic, Premium and Power. You can sign up for Basic to use with an unlimited number of providers for an unlimited amount of time. There’s zero cost or credit card required. Premium contains additional features that you can access by purchasing a Premium subscription for $8 per user per month. Power contains everything in Basic and Premium, plus additional advanced features, and costs $15 per user month.

Absolutely! Manage is HIPAA compliant out of the box, so you can start sharing patient information right away. Both our Basic and Premium tiers are HIPAA compliant. You can read more about how we achieve HIPAA compliance here.

When you create your team, you'll be be prompted to agree to the terms of the Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This is necessary for HIPAA compliance, so you must agree to the terms in order to create your team.

A Business Associate is a vendor or subcontractor who has access to PHI (protected health information) transmitted or stored by a covered entity. So, if you’re a medical clinic and you post patient information in Manage, you’re a Covered Entity and we’re a Business Associate. The BAA will ensure that we uphold our end of safeguarding and managing patient data properly. It will also clearly outline what services you should expect us to render, and what we are responsible for. The BAA only needs to be signed once, by one individual. It is up to your organization to determine who has the authority to sign a BAA.

If you need more than one individual to sign the BAA, we offer this ability in our Premium and Power tiers.

We comply with 4 HIPAA rules for compliance. The Privacy Rule requires us to grant access to PHI (protected health information) to only the right individuals, and comply with the terms of a BAA (Business Associate Agreement). The Security Rule outlines physical, technical and administrative safeguards. The Enforcement Rule relates to investigations, penalties and procedures for hearings. And finally, the Breach Notification Rule tells us how to proceed in the event that something goes wrong.

Finally, we offer a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) which is a necessary part of HIPAA compliance. It will hold us responsible for making sure your team's communication is secure!

For more information, see our page on HIPAA compliance.

Your team administrator will need to invite you in using your email address. If you’re an administrator, you can invite your team in using the invite button on the left sidebar, or by heading to the Users section of your admin panel.

Yes! We can pull in lab and image notifications, as well as automatically populate patient lists. But for basic use of Manage, this is not necessary. Manage provides a powerful, standalone collaboration experience. You can get it up and running in under 60 seconds (we’ve timed it). Give it a try for free, we think you’ll like it.

If you're interested in EMR integration, please send us an email at [email protected]

You bet. We have native apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Pick a day to start using Manage. Make sure everyone is signed up and has downloaded the desktop app. Explain to your team what type of collaboration you plan to do through Manage. Stick to using Manage for a week and see how it works for your team. Feel free to reach out to us at any time for support and advice on how to best onboard your team, or make Manage work for your specific use case. We love to hear from you!