Premium plan

The Premium plan includes all features in the Basic tier.

Here's what you'll get exclusively on the Premium tier:

1. Task management. Connect offers robust task management that allows teams to create tasks with assignments, due dates, reminders and completion status.

2. Guest access. Guests are free to add and will have access to only a single channel. You can read more about them here.

3. Custom user groups. This feature allows you to group individuals together under any label, then refer to them in any conversation (e.g. @residents, @frontdesk).

4. Custom data retention. Set the default message lifespan. For example, set message to automatically clear after 30 days or 12 months. You can also control our backup and data ownership policies. On the Premium plan, you can request full data deletion from our servers.

5. Custom profile fields. Connect offers a number of default profile fields, including name, phone number and email address. On the Premium tier you can add your own custom profile fields that will appear for every user on your team, such as "role", "title" or "shift". Admins can determine which fields are available to which users, and can also manually set these fields for each user from the admin panel.

6. Priority support. Our priority support includes a 24/7, 15 minute email response time. We also have a dedicated Priority Response Team that specifically handles cases for Premium users for faster resolution times.

For information on Premium pricing, please contact us at: