Guest accounts

Guest accounts is a feature available on Premium and Power plans.

If you're on one of these plans, then when you invite a user into Connect, you will have the option to set the user as a Guest or as a Full Member.

A guest will get access to a single group in Connect, public or private. When you invite your guest in, you will select the group this guest will gain access to.

Guests will be able to:

1. Access a single group that you select.

2. See and direct message any of the users in that group.

Guests will not be able to:

1. Browse public groups.

2. Be invited into additional groups.

3. See or direct message any users outside of their designated group.

4. Be able to become admins.

Guest accounts are free to use for any customers on our Premium or Power plans. This means that a guest account will not count towards your per user total cost of using Connect. You can invite in a number of guests equal to 5 times the number of full members on your team.