Team settings

Note: the admin panel is only available from the desktop browser.

Connect provides a variety of team level settings you can use to customize your team's communication experience.

Team Name

You can set the name of your organization here. If you have a long organization name, we recommend using abbreviations or a shortened name so that it will cleanly fit in the top left of your Connect account.

Security Lockout

Connect implement a PIN screen that times users out after a period of inactivity. This makes it easy to stay secure while maintaining easy access to messages. You can adjust the inactivity lockout times here. Check the "Enable lockout" box to enable this functionality, or uncheck it to disable it. You can can adjust the inactivity lockout time in 15 minute intervals as well.

Invitation Control

By default, all users have invitation capabilities. This means they can invite other users to join the team. If you'd like to restrict this ability to just admins, uncheck the box that says "Allow all users to invite new members to the team." We recommend leaving this box checked in the early days to make it easier for anyone to invite in remaining colleagues they notice aren't yet part of the team. 

Delete Team

If you need to delete your team for any reason, this is the place to do it. Deleting your team will permanently remove all data from our servers and you will no longer be able to access your account — so be careful before proceeding!