User management

Note: the admin panel is only available from the desktop browser.


The Members tab displays a table of all users in the organization. Search to find information on any user. 

The status column lists the roles of each user. There are 3 roles in Stitch: Guest, Full Member and Admin. Guests have access to a single group. Full Members have access to all public groups, direct messages and any private groups they belong to. Admins have the same privileges as Full Members but also control the Admin panel. Note that the Guest role is only available on Premium and Power tiers. 

You can control user roles by clicking the Manage button. Here, you can promote and demote users to and from admin status. You cannot demote yourself from admin status. Other admins will have the ability to promote and demote other admins as well. You can also convert Full Members to Guests, vice versa.

Connect also includes an account disable feature. This is useful for removing users, or preventing log-ins if an account or device has been compromised. Note that this does not delete the user account. You can disable a user account by clicking Disable Account. The user will be logged out of all devices and unable to access his account. Similarly, you can click Enable Account to reactivate the user account.



The Pending tab shows invitations to new users which have not yet been accepted — these users haven’t created their account yet. In addition to tracking pending invitations, you can also resend and revoke an invitation. If you resend an invitation, Resend will change to Resent. When you next reload the page you’ll be able to hit Resend again.

If you need to Revoke an invitation, you can do that as well. Clicking Revoke will disable the account activation link of the recipient, and clear the invitation from your pending list.

Note: the pending tab will only appear when you have outstanding invitations. 



The Invite tab allows you to invite new colleagues to Connect. Enter one or more email addresses, separated by commas.