Naming groups

Don’t worry about creating all the groups you might need upfront. The best way to create groups is as the need naturally arises. Only once you feel like existing groups can’t separate out conversations efficiently should you create a new group. This will ensure that all your groups are purposeful and add to your Connect experience. 

When you do need to create additional groups, here are a few recommendations for naming and purpose:

Specialization groups 

Your practice has many types of providers and patients. You can create groups based on patients (e.g., outpatient) or provider (e.g., cardiology).

Location-based groups

Many of the healthcare organization that use Connect operate at multiple sites, or sites with several floors. You could make a group for each floor or wing (e.g. floor2, ed) or location (e.g. palo-alto, san-francisco) to help providers better coordinate.

Event-based Groups

Lots of healthcare organizations using Connect create groups to help organize communication around events, like seminars, regular lunches, department meetings, hiring and more.

Whichever kind of group you create, just remember that Connect prevents you from typing in spaces. This makes the list of groups both easy to read and search through. If you want to do a two-word group, feel free to use a dash, or camel casing (e.g., friday-seminars, fridaySeminars).