Running a pilot

Selecting a Day

Connect works best when all your communication goes through the platform. The more you use it, the more valuable it becomes as an easily accessible archive of all your clinical conversations. 

We recommend picking a dedicated day to start using Connect. Choose a small group of providers (5-10) who do most of their communication together. For the next week, avoid using email, pagers, fax machines, phone calls or SMS texting. Most teams transition to Connect in a few days. If your pilot group needs to invite more providers in, team administrators can do this from the main menu. Feel free to let Connect grow naturally throughout your organization as the need to loop more providers in arises.

When you first start out, try to keep most of your communication in the default public group. When you need a specialized public or private group, go ahead and create it. In the beginning, though, it's best to have most of your communication in one place so your pilot providers can focus on a simple experience.

Encourage your team to keep most of the communication in public groups. Private groups and private messages can be useful for one-off messages or particularly sensitive content, but most of the benefits from Connect come when everyone has access to the same conversations. This will also help make search more valuable over time!

Connect works best when you can access it across any device. You'll want to encourage your team to download and use our native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Plus, our native apps provide a much better experience for using Connect than your web browser.

Testing Connect

When you first log-in, you’ll notice that a default public group has been automatically created. All users will automatically join this group. We recommend you wait to create public and private groups until the need naturally arises. Lots of groups can clutter the experience and spread your communication over an unnecessary number of groups. Try keeping all your group communication in the default channel (home) when you start. This will also help guide initial use of Connect. It will be clear where to start communicating in the application.

Another great place to focus your use of Connect on is private messages. This works like a replacement for texting and paging. It will be very familiar to communicate in these chat rooms, and the experience will be a great improvement over texting and paging.