Quick start

Create a Team

Connect is a team communication platform for healthcare providers. It's 100% HIPAA compliant and works on any device. To create a team, visit teamstitch.com. Once you're set up, you can invite in anyone you’d like using just their email address.

Join a Team

Connect teams are invite-only. That means you’ll need to get invited by your team’s administrator to join. You’ll receive a special invitation link which will allow you to securely create your account.

HIPAA Compliance

Connect is HIPAA compliant out of the box. When you create a team, you'll be prompted to agree to the terms of a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This will ensure your official HIPAA compliance. To learn more about how we achieve HIPAA compliance, check out our article here.

Download Apps

Connect has native apps for all major platforms. You can download apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.


Most conversations in Connect occur in groups. There are two kinds of groups:

1. Public Groups. These are groups that anyone can discover and join. They're like public conversations. You might create a group based on department (e.g., radiology), role (e.g., nurses) or anything else (e.g., seminars). Your public groups are listed on the left-hand side-bar, and are denoted by the tag icon. Try to keep as much conversation in public groups as possible, because it increases team transparency and coordination.

2. Private Groups. These are groups that only the group creator and users who are invited to the group can join. This is a good place for conversations with multiple people that need a little more security or are more personal. Your private groups are listed on the left-hand side-bar and are denoted by the lock icon.


Sometimes you need to message just one person, and you don't want to do it in a group. That's what private messages are for. You can search the directory of all users in your organization to send a message. For most messages though, try using mentions within a group. The more visible the communication, the more powerful Connect will be for your team.


Search is finally here for healthcare! Any conversation you have or file you upload becomes part of a searchable archive. This lets you instantly access information from any message thread. It also means that the more you use Connect, the more valuable it becomes for your organization. Just search keywords and Connect will pull up any relevant content.


You can upload almost any kind of file — JPEG, PNG, PDF, Word, Excel and more. The file upload button is the little paperclip symbol, located in the right corner of the message entry box at the bottom of every chat room.

Productivity Tools

Pin and star messages, search file lists, access the group directory and more from the right sidebar. We’ve included everything you need to become a power user of Connect.

Profile and Account

From the top left of your Connect account, you can click the main menu to access your profile and account settings. Change your information, adjust notification settings and set passwords all from here.

Admin Controls

Connect features powerful admin capabilities from an intuitive panel accessible from the main menu. Manage your team directory, control security settings and subscribe to Connect Premium all from the admin panel.