Basic plan

When you sign up for Stitch, you'll be automatically entered in a free 30-day trial of our Basic plan. Basic includes the following features:

1. HIPAA compliance. Our apps contain everything you need for full HIPAA compliance right out of the box, including encryption, backups, data exports, automatic lockout, notification protection and a signed BAA.

2. Group and direct messaging. Basic offers 3 ways to participate in discussions: public groups that anyone can join, private groups that require an invitation, and direct messages that allow for 1-on-1 communication.

3. Healthcare workflows. Connect was built specifically for healthcare providers, and offers the following tools to help communication conform to the unique healthcare workflow: Labs, Referrals, Checklists, Prescriptions and Clinical Notes.

4. Searchable archives. Connect offers deep, contextual search so you can rapidly find key clinical information buried in past discussions. 

5. File storage. Upload files of nearly any type to Connect. Total upload capacity is unlimited, and the maximum file upload size is 1gb. For larger files, we recommend using a dedicated cloud storage provider.

6. Mac and Windows apps. You can use Connect on both Mac and Windows with our native desktop apps, or you can use Connect in the browser on any desktop device. 

7. iOS and Android apps. We understand that continuing the conversation and accessing information away from the computer is critical in healthcare, so we've built beautiful, native mobile apps available on the Basic tier.

8. Additional features. This includes: message read receipts, team directory, usage analytics, messaging pinning, message starring, emoji support, reactions and online/offline indication.

For pricing information, please contact us at: