Power plan

The Power plan includes all features in the Basic and Premium tiers.

Here's what you'll get exclusively on the Power tier:

1. Voice and video calls. Crystal clear quality. Easy access buttons make Connect a great choice to replace calls as well as messaging. Instantly communicate via text, audio or video with Connect Power.

2. Priority messaging. Set a custom color and ringtone for urgent messages. Power tier users will also have a new section that appears at the top of the left sidebar and exclusively displays priority messages. 

3. EHR integrations. Receive notifications from your EHR inside of Stitch Connect. We'll help you pull notifications based on EHR activity (e.g. new lab updates) into specific Connect conversations (e.g. outpatient) so you can stay updated on key information all from one application.

4. Advanced security controls. This includes 1) the ability to mandate a team-wide password reset 2) ability to mandate two-factor authentication and 3) multiple BAA signees.

5. Single sign-on (SSO). We'll work with your organization to set up SSO based on your individual requirements.

6. On-site training. Power users benefit from on-site training, where we send a dedicated Training Team to your on-site facilities for a day-long, hands-on Stitch Connect course that guarantees every member of your team 

7. On-call schedules. Easily view a list of who's on-call, and schedule up to 1 year out.

8. Scan-to-text. Upload scanned documents (or documents images) such as labs, reports and intake forms. Our advanced OCR Text Search will convert your scans to text and make them easily searchable along with your regular message archives.

For information on Power pricing, please contact us: [email protected]