Premium plan

Premium plans cost $8 per user per month, with a 15% discount for annual pricing.

Premium plans include the following features:

1. Internal notes. Send messages visible only to providers in the patient room. Internal notes are demarcated as visible only to the provider — so you can leave reminders, progress notes and anything else to help coordinate on your conversations with patients. 

2. Custom data retention. Set the default message lifespan. For example, set message to automatically clear after 30 days or 12 months. You can also control our backup and data ownership policies. On the Power plan you can request full data deletion from our servers

3. Extended file storage. The Basic plan is limited to a total team file storage amount of 1GB, individual file upload size restriction of 20MB. Our Premium plan includes 5GB of storage per Full Member, and an individual file upload size restriction of 1GB.

4. Advanced security controls. This includes 1) the ability to mandate a team-wide password reset 2) ability to mandate two-factor authentication and 3) multiple BAA signees.

5. Usage analytics. Each month we'll send data on various usage metrics: total/per user messages & files, public group vs private group vs direct message breakdown, online time and mobile vs desktop usage.

6. Priority support. Our priority support includes a 24/7, 15 minute email response time. We also have a dedicated Priority Response Team that specifically handles cases for Premium users for faster resolution times