Running a pilot

Selecting a Day

Manage works best when all your collaboration goes through the platform. The more you use it, the more valuable it becomes as an easily accessible archive of all your clinical conversations. 

We recommend picking a dedicated day to start using Manage. Choose a small group of providers (5-10) who do most of their collaboration together. For the next week, avoid using email, SMS or other tools to track patients and collaborate on updates. Most teams transition to Manage in a few days. If your pilot group needs to invite more providers in, team administrators can do this from the main menu. Feel free to let Manage grow naturally throughout your organization as the need to loop more providers in arises.

Manage works best when you can access it across any device. You'll want to encourage your team to download and use our native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Plus, our native apps provide a much better experience for using Connect than your web browser.

Testing Manage

When you first log-in, you’ll notice that a default patient record has been automatically created: John Smith. Feel free to use this as a test patient. You can familiarize yourself with create a post, leaving comments, sharing files and searching content all before you add in your first patient. When you're ready to run the pilot, we recommend starting out by adding in only the patients that are relevant over the next week. Add in patients as the need to collaborate on them arises. Once the pilot shows success, feel free to add in all patients in your population.