Patient checklists

Connect provides a structured way to post patient checklists to any conversation.

Checklists can be created by selecting "Checklist" from the '+' icon located in the right corner of the message entry box at the bottom of every chat room:



Selecting Checklist will prompt you to enter in the demographic information of the relevant patient. You can optionally add in an MRN for internal identification purposes (we can also instantly generate a unique one for you).

Next, begin typing checklist items in the Items field. For example you could type "Move to Room A", "Adjust dosage to 20mg" or "Follow-up on missed appointment". Hit enter to create individual items.

Everyone in the room will be able to see and access Checklists you create. You can manage individual items on a checklist by clicking the checkboxes as they are completed.

There are two places to access created Checklists. Connect provides a local list of conversation-specific Checklists, and a global list of Checklists from across all conversations. To access the local list, click the information icon at the top right of every chat room and expand the Checklist section. To access the global list, click the ... menu at the top right of every chat room and select All Checklists.