Message options

Message options can be accessed by clicking on the carrot menu that appears when you mouse over any message. 

Messages have 8 options: edit, delete, pin, star, permalink, copy, react and info. See our articles on pinned messages, starred messages and message read receipts for more information on how these tools work. 

Permalinking creates a URL that will directly to the message you've selected. Users will need to login to access the message after entering the URL, and they will need to have the proper permissions to view the message. This is a useful tool if you want to direct someone to a specific message.

Adding a reaction will allow you to add an emoji inside the message bubble you've selected. The reaction will be visible to anyone who has access to that message.

You can only edit messages that you have sent. If you’re an admin you can also delete the messages of any other user. Non-admins can only pin and star the messages of other users.